10/31 Halloween Party!

Halloween Party. Sat. Oct. 31 6PM-11PM. ¥3,000 for buffet and entrance. Drinks are ¥500 each. Costumes highly encouraged. FAT CATS Bar & Grill.

2015年10月31日(土)の午後6時から11時まで、ハロウィンパーティーを開催します♪( ´θ`)ノ
Hello, people!
We’re having a Halloween party on Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 6PM through 11PM!

エントランスを外から見た様子。ハロウィンの飾りがたくさんある。 Entrance, taken from the outside. Lots of Halloween decoration.

ハロウィンの飾りもたくさんつけて、すっごくかわいくなりました✨ 楽しんでいただけると嬉しいです( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
We put some Halloween decoration up and it’s so cute! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

ハロウィンの飾りのアップ。 A close-up of Halloween flags.

食べ物は立食ビュッフェ形式の食べ放題! 入場料3,000円にお食事が含まれています💕 ドリンクは全て500均一で、カウンターでご注文&現金お支払い形式です。
The party is stand-up, buffet-style all-you-can-eat, and the entrance fee of 3,000JPY includes all the food 🙂 Drinks are 500JPY each and it’s cash on delivery.
*Please ask staff for a stool if you need one due to health or disability conditions. The height of the stool is adjustable, making it easy for you to share the same eye-level with the rest of the party.

カボチャツリー。 Pumpkin tree.

13.生牡蠣 カクテルソース
Here’s a tentative list of buffet content!
1. Sausages
2. Grilled chicken in tomato soup
3. Poke avocado salad
4. Roast beef
5. Cut fruits in the cup
6. Grilled eggplant with cheese
7. Meatballs with demi-glace sauce
8. Cup salad
9. Scallops and broccoli with cream sauce
10. Shrimp cocktails
11. Diced New York Cheesecake in the cup
12. Marinated seafood
13. Raw oysters with cocktail sauce
14. Pinchos
15. Sautéd mushrooms, bacon, and spinach
*The list is subject to change depending on availability and the time of your arrival.
*We’ll be adding other items as well so as to make sure there’s always 15 different kinds of food, so in actuality you’ll be enjoying 20+ various menus!

仮装したスタッフ3人がカウンターの中で働いている様子をカウンターの外から撮影。3 staff members in costume working inside the bar, taken from the other side of the counter.

For god’s sake, it’s Halloween. Come in costumes! The staff will be in costume as well. The photo in the above was taken at last week’s Night Market event, and on the 31st, we’ll be wearing a lot more crazy makeup 😉

You can just show up and enjoy the party, but we’d appreciate it if you contacted us ahead of time💕 Just DM us on LINE, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or let us know via phone or face-to-face 😃

みなさんとお会いできるのを楽しみにしております♪( ´θ`)ノ 31日はみんなで盛り上がりましょ〜!
Well then, we hope to see you all at the party! Let’s have a lot of fun together✨